the good villa.

If you represent a NGO, an association or a social cause, you can join the program through which we offer every month the opportunity to use our event space for free.

What should you do?

Fill in the registration form below. Leave us a brief description of the organization or cause, a description of the event (logistical details such as number of participants and types of external suppliers that will be brought to the location). Then please tell us about the impact of the activity you will carry out in the villa on your final beneficiaries, mentioning how many people will be helped following the actions made by the organization you represent.

Registrations can be made each month between 1st and 15th for the following month.

For more chances, in the registration form, answer YES to the question %22Do you want to participate in the next 3 months in the selection process?%22. In this case, your registration will be considered in the next 3 months. After this period, a re-registration is required.

How do we choose the monthly winner?

The winning organization will be designated within 5 days of the end of the registration period taking into account the logistical and impact in the community criteria. We will announce it in this section of the site as well as on the villa’s social media accounts.

Subsequently, the date of the event will be set by mutual agreement with the winning organization on any Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday of the month following the month in which the selection process took place. Moreover, we will offer you coordination services of the suppliers and the post-event cleaning package.

What do we offer you?

For non-profit events, the villa. offers a mix of elegant spaces divided into 10 spacious rooms spread over 3 floors in a house that retains the scent of past centuries, built in 1890. With a total area of 350 square meters, the villa. can accommodate up to 300 people standing, 150 people seated and 150 people outdoors, in the garden of the house, all in the heart of Bucharest (Dorobanti area – Lahovari Square – Roman Square).

In the villa. you can organize in compliance with the rules in force: day or evening events, workshops, presentations, courses, galas, anniversaries of your organizations, fundraising events, etc.

“Besides the constant involvement and support given to the business community, another wish of ours was to bring a positive impact in the life of less fortunate communities. We want the projects we support to help as many people as possible. This is why we ask the organizations that sign up to send us details about the final beneficiaries of their projects. We are eager to organize events in the service of the greater good and the community.” said Vlad Mihălăchioiu, initiator of the good villa project.

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