the villa.

Architectural Masterpiece
In one of its most picturesque neighborhoods, the Armenian Quarter, you will find 16 Negustori Street, the location where "the villa. Event House" is now opening its doors. In this house, which holds significant importance for Romanian literature, lived and created Dimitrie Bolintineanu, the influential poet and writer of the 19th century.
Respecting its history and significance, we are thrilled to announce that this house becomes part of the "the villa. Event House" project. Inspired by its connection to culture and history, we are ready to transform it into a vibrant and creative space, where tradition and contemporaneity meet.

"The Dimitrie Bolintineanu House" is exclusively open for events, and it can be rented in two options, accommodating from 30 to 250 participants. Conferences can be organized in separate rooms, as well as memorable parties in the garden.

The total area is 762 square meters and includes 3 large rooms, a greenhouse on the ground floor, a greenhouse in the basement, along with an interior terrace. The main location features a space of over 250 square meters and is equipped with a high-quality audio-video system, parking, generator, alarm and fire system, as well as a bar and catering area. The secondary location, the attic, is ideal for 30 - 100 participants and has an area of 175 square meters.

The location is rented for a duration of 6 hours. In case you wish to extend the event, an additional cost will apply, which will be discussed prior to signing the contract.

NO. The venue’s staff is specialized for such events. We offer the option to request a customized menu for your event, at no additional cost.

The Villa, 16 Negustori, does not have a kitchen. However, we collaborate with specialized catering companies. You have the option to choose from a plated menu or a buffet-style arrangement.

Our location is exclusively open for events. The concierge service operates based on appointments only.

YES. We collaborate with specialized partners in balloons and decorations, event organizers, sound and lighting systems, logistics, flowers and decorations, bands, established DJs, and MCs. Request additional information about these services during your visit.

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Negustori 16 Street, Bucharest

the villa.

Casa de pe strada Negustori nr. 16 nu este doar un spațiu nou pentru noi, ci și un simbol foarte puternic. Acum, intrând în portofoliul de locații the villa., putem aduce în această casă experiența solidă de 8 ani în organizarea de evenimente și un număr impresionant de peste 200 de evenimente, cu peste 10,000 de participanți găzduite în zona Piața Romană.
La the villa. Event House, fiecare eveniment capătă o altă dimensiune, o alchimie în care trecutul și prezentul se combină pentru a crea experiențe memorabile. Vă oferim șansa de a organiza evenimentele voastre într-un loc unde inovația și tradiția conviețuiesc într-un mod unic și inspirator.
Această locație a fost reamenajată cu atenție de către arhitecți de renume, pentru a deveni astăzi un cadru rafinat pentru evenimente private, lansări de produse, întâlniri sociale, expoziții de artă, baluri de caritate, concerte private, prezentări de modă, conferințe, întâlniri de afaceri și evenimente de presă.
Ce face ca the villa. Event House să fie unică? Designul interior impecabil, tunelul transparent de sticlă care îmbogățește locația principală, precum și grădina secretă din spatele vilei care poate fi adaptată pentru orice tip de eveniment.
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Str. Negustori 16, Bucuresti

the villa.

The house on 16 Negustori Street is not only a new space for events, but also a very powerful symbol. Now, entering the the villa. portfolio of venues, we can bring into this house our solid 8-year experience in event organization and an impressive number of over 200 events with more than 10,000 participants hosted in the Piata Romana area.
At "the villa. Event House," each event takes on a different dimension, an alchemy where the past and the present combine to create memorable experiences. We offer you the opportunity to organize your events in a place where innovation and tradition coexist in a unique and inspiring way.
This location has been meticulously redesigned by renowned architects to transform into a refined setting for private events, product launches, social gatherings, art exhibitions, charity galas, private concerts, fashion showcases, conferences, business meetings, and press events today.
What makes "the villa. Event House" unique? The impeccable interior design, the transparent glass tunnel that enhances the main area, and the secret garden behind the villa that can be adapted for any type of event.
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Negustori 16 Street, Bucharest