More than just a house: a community and a lifestyle at the same time. the villa. is an unconventional events venue where we connect the smell of vintage spacious chambers with an eclectic modern style in a modular way you have never seen before. Same house but a different perspective every day.

The Business Villa

Looking for assistance with how to hold a hybrid event? Would you like to combine in-person and virtual event experiences together?

Your event is our priority!

The Private Villa

The Villa. can offer you the privacy for all your private events.

From conferences, to charity, we can accomodate almost any need in terms of venue.

The Kids Villa

We organise a bunch of KIDS events based on our partners and the date. KIDS experience.

Check out our calendar and book your tickets in advance for the most inovative workshops.

The Good Villa

the villa. offers the possibility for an NGO to use the space for free, each month, organizing meetings, galas or seminars for the beneficiaries of their programs.

The Secret Villa

A membership-only part of the villa’s closed circuit events.

Want to find out more?

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About the villa.

the villa. is an event house concept born from the passion for hospitality, of a group of firms from the HoReCa industry. the villa. is a versatile eclectic space, where the business and corporate areas meet, to create memorable events. the villa. is more than just a house. it’s a place where the performance in hospitality will guide you on a new path, for another kind of events.

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